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Jennifer Edwards

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Hello, My name is Jennifer Edwards and this is how my story started 4 years ago (May of 2017). My husband had a idea one night that we should try to start making stickers with a Cricut ( we were trying to save up the money for it for months) thinking it might bring in some extra income since my hours at my retail job was cut, due to babysitter scheduling. At the time I had 2 boys ages 3 and 1, and they were a lot to handle. Since then I had to quit my job for only giving my a few hours a week which wasn't cutting it with still having to pay a babysitter, so I jumped all into making decals, coming up with new ideas and trying my best to make this work to be home with my boys. Well the hard work is paying off and we now have 3 boys (7, 5, and 2 years old). I've turned my dining room into my work area and I'm able to be home for my boys. It's been hard to balance work and family but I'm doing it (or trying to). We are hoping to make enough so my husband can come work for me, but that is a long way off still, maybe one day though. We are starting to get things into the garage so I have more room to work, since my dinning room is just not big enough anymore with the boys getting bigger and running around. Plus it would be nice to have a dinner table again so we can sit and have family meals. So we want to thank you for helping support our small business, because we couldn't do it with out all of you!

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